Supreme Foam Hand Soap (Pink) 5LT

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Supreme Foam Soap 5 Litres

SUPREME FOAM is a clear pink foaming hand soap with a pleasant floral fragrance. It combines mild detergents with unique moisturising and conditioning agents.  
SUPREME FOAM  has been designed as a foaming  hand cleaner. SUPREME FOAM is suitable for all amenities such as toilets, change rooms and showers, as well as retail outlets such as restaurants, shopping centres and motel suites. SUPREME FOAM should be applied through special customised liquid soap dispensers. 

DIRECTIONS FOR USE:  Apply a small quantity of SUPREME FOAM.  Rub in well until a rich lather is produced then rinse off with water.


  • Gives skin a luxurious feel  
  • Instant Foaming - reduces time to create lather  
  • Specialised floral fragrance  
  • Highly Economical - only a small amount required to provide effective cleansing  
  • Saves Water - no water required to create foam
  • Soft on the skin   
  • Contains skin conditioning agents