About Us

Cleaning Supplies NT is dedicated to supplying its customers with cleaning products that deliver reliable performance at value for money prices which makes it a unique and the only discount cleaning store in NT.

Frank Cacciotti is the director of Cyclone City Cleaners, a highly regarded commercial cleaning company located in Darwin and operating since February 1997. During this time he has advised numerous clients and colleagues on the use of cleaning materials, consumables and machinery.

Since 2001 Frank has been selling a variety of consumables and cleaning products to customers, businesses and professional cleaning operators alike. In keeping with the high standard of cleaning products he insists on using in his own cleaning company, his chemical supply company Cleaning Supplies NT only stocks and sells top performing products and machinery.

Cleaning Supplies NT sources its wide range of quality products from leading manufacturers throughout Australia and overseas. The Company is always researching markets for producers that meet its performance plus value for money criteria, ensuring it delivers a quality product that gives its users peace of mind and financial benefit.

Cleaning Supplies NT can tailor product solution packages for any situation from a one-off need to an on-going chemical/machinery supply situation.